The KGH Library Service is not just about the traditional library roles (issuing books etc.), we do much more than this.  We offer a full enquiry and literature searching service, from answering basic questions to addressing complex clinical, research and management information needs, across the breadth of disciplines within the NHS.

We have a Librarian/Library Manager, 2 Clinical Librarians – see ‘Clinical Librarians‘ page (who are available to attend ward rounds, collect any questions which arise, carry out full evidence searches and report back with the results – due to C-19 this service has been paused but questions arising requiring evidence-based answers can be sent to and 3 Library support team members.

Physical service facilities (including IT Suite and Study Rooms) are detailed in our ‘Guide to Services‘.  Although the library is staffed during office hours, the service does not stop at 4.45pm. Once registered, users can request access to the library building 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Many of our services can also be accessed remotely, so you do not need to visit the library in person, please view our ‘Guide to eResources‘ for information.   

Links are available all over our website to various resources: –

Information/Literature Searching: – you can log in and search yourself or you can request we carry out literature searches on your behalf – see ‘Literature Search‘ page.



Journals: – log in with your NHS OpenAthens and search for yourself, or if you are unable to find what you require use our request form and we will search all the resources available to us and try to source the article on your behalf.



Books: – please search our catalogue, it is open access, however if we do not have the item you are searching for please use our request form and we will search all the resources available to us and either source the item or purchase the item for our stock (if appropriate).



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