Diagnostics – Pathology, Radiology, Radiography, Haematology, Immunology, Histopathology etc.

This is a current awareness page for ‘Diagnostic’ specialties, created by the KGH Library Service for NHS staff

It includes the topics: –  General Pathology;  Haematology;  Immunology & Allergy;  Microbiology & Virology;  Anatomical Pathology/Cytopathology;  Chemical Pathology;  Forensic Pathology;  Histopathology/Cellular Pathology


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Library eResources
Behind the Headlines Find the facts behind the newspaper headlines concerning health news
BNF Publications The BNF APP is available to download
Lab Tests Online Understand Your Tests. A public resource on clinical laboratory testing.
What is Pathology?
Society of Radiographers
RCPath logo
Institute of Biomedical Science
Association of Clinical Pathologists
The Pathological Society of GB & Ireland
The Association for Clinical Biochemistry


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