Book Review: – The last werewolf

As ever a book that produced a range of reactions – most felt it was a good read. It was written well – gritty and true to life with quirky description and phrasing (some esoteric words not often used) and some enjoyable comic elements, although there were some reservations about some use of language – the c word in particular carries negative connotations about women. There was general agreement that although the sex was not overly explicit there was too much and it sometimes distracted from the story. Generally it was felt that the blood and gore was not too terrifying – worries about whether the book would induce nightmares proved to be unfounded


Jake was liked as a character – he had a lonely life filled with ennui, unable to build a relationship. One reader found herself gunning for him and preferring werewolves to vampires! Evil as a choice was discussed, and vengeance – does it only matter if you believe in an afterlife and that it can be witnessed by the victim?


Another concept that was entertaining was that of a whole organisation tasked with controlling occult phenomena – particularly the idea that it was a bad idea to destroy the last werewolf as then they would be out of a job. This drew a real life parallel with the koypu in the fens (koypu are rodents that undermine ditches) – the framers who were paid to kill them soon realised that getting rid of the last one would reduce their income so always made sure some were left to breed.