About Us


We provide access to a range of knowledge resources and services to help healthcare staff and students find and use the best evidence to support patient care, to enhance their studies and professional development  and to support research.

We also provide a Clinical Librarian service

We provide a library and knowledge service to local NHS staff and students.

Our service consists of the KGH Library as well as our extensive online resources.

Using our Services

Library Charter

  • Our¬†Library Charter¬†explains what you can expect from our services, and what we would like from you

Vision, Mission & Governance

  • Our vision and Mission statements as well as all documentation relating to our governance can be found on our governance page

Ask us, tell us!

Got a question, or want to give us some feedback? We have a feedback form on the Contact Us page.

You can also contact our libraries directly by phone, email or in person.

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