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Contact us if you’d like to invite a Clinical librarian to your ward rounds, post round clinical meetings, MDT meeting, Grand round, Schwarz round, teaching sessions, or a one off meeting – we are here to ensure you have the right knowledge, in the right place, at the right time!

Clinical librarian service

Here at KGH we are very proud of our Clinical Librarian service, which supports clinical decision-making by providing good quality, filtered information to the health care team at the point of need. The clinical librarians liaise closely with different departments and clinical areas throughout the Trust.  

Many thanks again for your literature search, it helped me immensely allowing me to give informed choice to the patient.

This is excellent. I’m sharing with additional colleagues who may find it useful.  Thank you for the support and quick turn around on the research.

Our Clinical Librarians work in partnership with clinical staff to deliver patient-centred information. They ensure that questions that arise in clinical encounters are answered on the basis of good, sound evidence and also contribute toward the development of clinical guidelines, policies and procedures.


Our Clinical Librarians provide the literature searching service, and will provide a thorough search based on your specific question. They will provide you with a summary of the literature, highlighting the quality of evidence found as well as details of their search strategy and resources used.


Thank you so much for doing this for me – it is exactly what I was hoping for and I’m particularly pleased that you’ve found some more recent literature than I managed to find.

Many thanks for your help.


Why work with Librarians and Knowledge Specialists?

Clinical librarians can also produce a ‘Lightning Learning‘ information sheet  (adapted from the East Midlands Emergency Medicine Educational Media #EM3)  detailing the evidence and any references that are appropriate.  This can then be used as a team learning resource for discussion.  There is space to add any clinical learning or conclusions from the team, and it can be printed out as a poster so everyone can utilise it, or to serve as a reminder.

Below is one example and you can see more on our lightning Learning page.

Chronic Lung Disease preterms

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Louise Coleman

Beki Smith

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