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Spotlight on Cardiovascular Conditions – May 2024

As cardiovascular conditions increasingly affect an aging population, addressing these issues remains a priority for the NHS. A compilation of articles from MA Healthcare journals has been provided, offering research, information, and practical tips to assist healthcare professionals in managing these conditions. The featured journals cover a wide range of topics, from patient-reported experiences in cardiac rehabilitation to chronic disease treatment, enhancing both staff knowledge and patient care quality.

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Admin and Clerical Evidence Brief February 2024

Produced by the Knowledge Management team Evidence Briefs offer an overview of the
published reports, research, and evidence on a workforce-related topic.
Key publications – the big picture
Case Studies
The Star for workforce redesign
Statistics and data
National Data Programme
Published Peer Reviewed Research
Administrators, Clerks, Receptionists, Telephonists
Directors and other Senior Management
Communications, Human Resources, and Finance
Knowledge and Library Services
Competency Frameworks

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Workforce Times – 17 April 2024

The 17 April 2024 issue of NHS England’s Workforce Times provides updates and reports on workforce and education in the healthcare system, highlighting key challenges such as staff retention, mental health workforce demands, and addressing inequalities. Documents, research, policy strategies, and news are covered alongside information on upcoming webinars and events. For questions or access to full-text articles contact us.

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