Book review – The Salt Path

The Salt Path has been a huge success for its author Raynor Wynne, and thus expectations were very high. Reactions to it were very mixed ranging from admiration for the bravery of the couple, setting out on their walk in the face of life limiting illness and loss of all they had worked for, to an overwhelming feeling that the decision was just so irresponsible. More than one member of the group had tried reading the book before and not finished. Not everyone liked Raynor although some warmed to her as the book went on. There was general agreement that the writing felt a little repetitive, and the descriptions didn’t always light up.

However this led on to a discussion about homelessness. Raynor and Moth labelled themselves as homeless which led to rejection by some – had they been in the fortunate position of having savings reactions would have been different. How did they manage to survive on the money they had?

We discussed the experience of long distance walking – the monotony – how places blend into each other – the physical effort. But also the release that walking brings – the joy of being in the open air or woods, the meditative nature of the activity. Walking is essential to humans – and it seems to have brought Moth into remission which in itself was a miracle.