IT, Printing and WiFi

PC Facilities

At KGH Library, we have PCs in the IT Suite for drop-in use.

Study Facilities

Study tables and a comfy seating area are available in the main library area.

IT Accounts

Colleagues and Students can use their own logins on the PCs, and generic logins are available for anyone else with a KGH ID badge.

Printing and Photocopying

At KGH Library there is a Access to a printer/photocopier

Black and white printing and photocopying is 10p per side for A4 or 20p for A3.

Payment must be made at the Enquiry Desk. Out-of-hours users must log use on one of the envelopes and slips provided in the red box at the Enquiry Desk.  Complete the slip and place it in an envelope, with your payment, then drop it into the internal returns box at the Enquiry Desk.


KGH Library offers free NHS WiFi, NHS BYOD WiFi and WiFi for Trust devices

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