OpenAthens Accounts


An OpenAthens account is the gateway to a wide range of our online resources, such as e-journalse-booksdatabases, and evidence resources

OpenAthens accounts are free, and allow you to access resources from anywhere. They’re open to NHS staff, volunteers, and students on placement with NHS organisations.

How to get an OpenAthens account

You can either:

  • Use the self-registration form (this needs to be done on an NHS PC, or with an NHS email account)
  • or simply contact us or pop in and see us, and ask us to create an account for you

If you already have an OpenAthens account with another NHS organisation, you can transfer this across to your new organisation.

Which organisation do I register under?

If you’re employed by an NHS Trust in the Midland or East of England (or are a student or volunteer based with an NHS Trust), choose the name of the Trust as your organisation on the OpenAthens registration form

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