Take a Tech 10 Tea Break

Keeping our Digital Skills up to date doesn’t need to be difficult or time consuming

Taking a Tech Ten Tea Break once a week to learn a new Digital Tip could make all the difference 

Go on, treat yourself and your team – Learn one new thing each then share at your “Tech Ten Tea Break” – It’s a great excuse to take 10 minutes together, have a cuppa, eat a biccie and learn something not only new, but that will help you in your work and skills for life!¬†


Microsoft Tips is an Official Microsoft tips page with lots of great time and effort saving tips



For tips, cheat sheets and guides that can be downloaded as a PDF or read on the screen, click on the images below

Easy to follow and can be pinned on your wall or shared with a colleague!¬† Pay your learning forward and help someone else with their “Tech Ten Tea break”

Click on this image of the microsoft web page to go to the "cheat sheet" page on Microsoft


click on this image of the microsoft guide page to go to the page









If you’d rather watch a quick video whilst you munch on your digestives, then head over to YouTube – there’s a whole world of tips and tricks in short videos, from Microsoft themselves as well as others.

You can also spend 10 minutes getting going on the Digital Learning Solutions Portal, which has short courses on loads of applications.

There are also lots of helpful content on KNet if you are on-site on the digital page