Downloading Ebooks

Downloading ProQuest Ebook Central e-books to your mobile device

All of the e-books available from KGH Library through ProQuest Ebook Central can be downloaded for offline reading. Depending on your device, this may be the whole book or a portion of it.
Our e-books can be searched in Resource Search (using the ‘E-Book’ tab). You’ll need an NHS OpenAthens account with us to access the collection.

Android and Apple iOS devices

The free Adobe Digital Editions app is required if you wish to download the whole book, so you’ll need to download this first from your device’s app store. To use the reader you’ll also need to create a free Adobe ID, and you’ll be asked if you’d like to create one when you open the reader for the first time.
Once you’ve done this, visit the library website on your device and search for the book.

Click the ‘Full Download’ link.
Choose the type of device you’re using.

You can then choose the loan period you want to download the book for (up to 14 days).
Provided you have Adobe Digital Editions installed, you should now be given the option to open the book.
If you need the book for longer, simply download it again, however any bookmarks you create will not be saved when you download the book again.

Kindles, Kobos and other dedicated e-book readers

Ebook Central books cannot be downloaded in full to e-readers (including Kindle Fire) as Adobe Digital Editions does not work on them, but limited portions of most books can be transferred to e-readers if they can view PDF files.

To download portions of a book, find the book in Ebook Central and click the ‘Chapter Download’ link.
Select a chapter to download. Depending on the page allowance specified by the publisher, you may be able to download several chapters within the page allowance.

Once downloaded, the PDF files created can be opened on your PC or transferred to an e-reader.

For example by connecting your e-book reader to your PC with a USB cable, or sending the file to the ereader’s email address.

Nationally provided eBooks on the Kortext platform

NHSE have provided access to ‘some’ key eBooks via the provider Kortext

An NHS OpenAthens account is required to access the titles.  More help can be found in the Kortext Guide.

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